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Podcast for BĖGIKAI.LT

Quite recently I had a pleasure to record a interview for Lithuanian radio/ podcast Bė / Though it is all in Lithuanian, I have transcribed (and improved) an excerpt from that interview.

[...] Tomas: I remember you mentioned that runners, if they want to run more efficiently, they should try to run more gracefully, in more elegant way. Can you explain this?

Me: There is no secret how to be more efficient in running. We know that running technique is well defined movement pattern and we all share similar running technique elements that are important for efficient running - such like a strong push off (especially when running fast), correct placement of the foot, active core stability, good body balance and awareness etc.

However, there is still a lot of room for individuality - a thing I am quite fascinated about. Just think about how easily we recognise our running friends from a distance or from the way they put feet. I always promote individuality of movement, especially if that does not limit our running performance. It could be that an unusual movement (for example, arm or head motion) for that specific runner can even help to run more efficiently.

....But why running more gracefully?

It is just another way, an analogy, how to understand and achieve good and efficient running technique. In other words, build good runner’s image in your head first and then execute it with your body. Using your imagination and a vision of graceful and effortless running is a good way to start your running session, and can help you achieve better running form. This “image” will constantly remind you to relax shoulders, correct posture, look for more optimal stride rate, or about anything else, that you have imagined. 

Listen to all interview (in Lithuanian):ėgikailt-51-andrius-ramonas-varžybos-atveria-daug-galimybių-ir-suvokimo/